18+ Scene Mullet Hairstyles Pics

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18+ Scene Mullet Hairstyles Pics. Also known as the rattail haircut, the modern mullet comes in a number of different cuts and styles. Speaking of athletic mullets, soccer isn't the only sport associated with mullets.

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Jin crimped/wavy hair makes him so flawless. A mullet haircut, which was an extremely popular hairstyle in the 80s. The mullet haircut became wildly popular in the '80s, with the advent of rock and roll into the mainstream.

Mullet hairstyle is back roundup.

Party in the back, business in the front. Some haircuts are so amusing that they are bound to garner attention to whoever wears them. According to the oxford english dictionary. Ice hockey, for example, has a lot of players sporting this timeless hairstyle.

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