Recipe: Delicious Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas

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Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas.

Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas You can have Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas using 1 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas

  1. Prepare of Just an idea of some snacks I'll be serving at our kids Halloween party.

Vickys Halloween Snack Ideas instructions

  1. Chocolate Ghosts as in main pic (hulled, halved strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate with piped icing faces).
  2. Swamp Slime and Vampires Blood (gummy sweets set in lime or strawberry jelly prepared to pack directions).
  3. Monster Juice (flavoured/coloured juice/water with floating novelty eyeballs.
  4. Rotten Apples (apple with small holes cored out and gummy worms pushed in).
  5. Frankenstein Krispies (rice krispie squares (search recipe on the main page) made with green food colouring and decorated).
  6. Chocolate/Toffee Apple Slices (sliced apple coated in melted chocolate/toffee and covered in sprinkles).
  7. Chocolate pancake bats (basic pancake recipe just cut with a knife to shape and decorated with writing icing and jam).
  8. Vampire pancakes (as above).
  9. Swiss Roll Snails with mini mallow eyes (search swiss or pumpkin roll on main page, slice and stick mini marshmallows on the 'head' with a toothpick).
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