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31+ Mullet Haircut Deutsch PNG. The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is short at the front and sides, but long at the back. With the mullet, it's all about nuances.

VogueWorld: Bring Back the Mullet! The Ultimate Bad-Good ...
VogueWorld: Bring Back the Mullet! The Ultimate Bad-Good ... from assets.vogue.com

Mullets have been worn by males and females of all ages. Everyone can remember mullet hairstyles from the 1980's. This haircut is an updated and more edgy look than the previous versions of the.

7 facts that prove the mullet is the ultimate haircut.

But, hey, what is a mullet in a first place? It is usually worn by men. The mullet hairstyle is great for people with rounder faces, or who want to play up their eyes or cheekbones as a focal feature. The classic men's mullet haircut looks just like a man's traditional haircut on the top and sides of the head.

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